Using Obstacles to Explode Your Business in Sales

We’ve all been there before- dreaming and hoping for the best for our lives and business in sales. We thought everything will go so well. But the inevitable happens. One day, we wake up and things are in chaos. What do we do? We have 2 choices. We can either let these obstacles get to us and regret it forever. Or we can learn from them and use them to explode our business in sales, our character as an entrepreneur and our lives in general.

In this podcast, Richie shares what he has learned over the years. Watch here.

1. Perception

You have two choices. Either use your obstacles as a fuel to reach your goals in life, and business in sales. Or you can let it weigh you down.

2. Do Something About It

  • Take action.
  • Find opportunities
  • Be persistent
  • Do not let fear hold you back! (See Richie’s tips on how to overcome fear here).

3. You Have to Build Strength

You have to be consistent and build strength every single day to improve your business in sales and who you are as a person.


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