In this Podcast, Richie shares with you some basic information on how to outsource. He discussed the common mistakes that business owners and sales professionals commit when it comes to outsourcing employees. He also shared how finding good people can help you collapse time frame so you can achieve growth and success in a shorter span of time.

Finding good people to outsource is difficult. Richie has been an entrepreneur for the past 6 years, but it was just recently when he discovered the right formula in finding and keeping the best team to work with. Since then, the success of his speaking business has been more evident than ever.

When is the best time to Outsource?

The answer is: When you are a business man or a sales professional and time is of the essence to you; Or when you are unable to focus on your strengths because some parts of the business that you are not good at is slowing you down, then RIGHT NOW is the best time to outsource!

The Common Mistakes of Entrepreneurs and Sales People Who Outsource.

Richie had his fair share of mistakes when he began to outsource. So now that he finally knows the secret, he is sharing them to you so you can avoid these common errors and expedite the growth and success of your business. Find out more here.

The Benefits When You Outsource the Right People.

Once you outsource and learn how to let your team members grow as individuals and professionally, you will be amazed how it can positively impact the business in a shorter amount of time! Richie firmly believes that TIME IS THE GREATEST currency. If you agree with him, learn how to collapse time frames and reach the highest potential of your business through outsourcing by watching his latest podcast.


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