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Richie’s Keynote Intro

Bio at a Glance:

On August 21st, 2009, Richie Contartesi achieved his first major goal, earning a full D1 football scholarship in the SEC (South Eastern Conference) at Ole Miss staggering 5’7″ and a hefty 150 pounds. More importantly, he learned how to re-ignite a relentless resilience which has allowed him to continue to succeed in other areas of his life. He went on to become a starter at Ole Miss, play Arena football professionally, wrote a #1 bestseller, built a successful speaking and training business, a real estate investment company and opened the only 24/7 functional fitness facility in Las Vegas which he is in the process of franchised to help people physically as well. Richie doesn’t just speak about football but shares how the person you become in pursuit of going after a major goal is more important than just achieving the goal itself.

Who is Richie Contartesi? He is never the smartest, the biggest, the most talented, or the most gifted and in spite of all his childhood issues like failing 5th grade, watching his parents get divorced, and almost taking his own life. You will see a man who looks in the face of adversity and says “Bring it on”. You will see a kind and loving man with a big heart. You will see a man who laughs in the face of adversity and you will be inspired by his relentless resilience to succeed and achieve your goals.

It all started in May of 1998, after Richie’s parent got divorced, he failed 5th grade, and almost took his own life. He went on the internet and looked up the academic requirements to play college football, his childhood dream. That night he had no idea what he was doing but when he printed out those requirements, he now had a goal written down, a vision, a plan to succeed, and his life changed forever.

Richie understands what it feels like as a young adult who felt depressed, anxious, and over whelmed, but was fortunate to have a mentor who showed him how to overcome these challenges to achieve success and now he is on a mission to pay it forward and help others do they same.

Richie started his speaking career in the youth market spending 5 years traveling the globe speaking with hundreds of thousands of Millennial and Gen Z audiences. He learned how they think, act, and operate so he could inspire and motivate them to become peak performers, the best versions of themselves and prepare for the workforce.

Now, he travels the globe working with hundreds of organizations delivering inspiring, customized and actionable keynotes along with coaching and workshops to develop their younger workforce into peak performers who never want to leave so everyone can make a bigger impact

His dad always said to him “Have the dirtiest uniform on the field, listen to your coach, and keep your mouth shut.” Richie followed that model in football and also now in business.