Based on his personal experience, Richie Contartesi shares a 5-step method that athletes can immediately implement to guarantee they get a response from college coaches and boost their odds of securing a college athletic scholarship.

Hey there, aspiring student-athletes! Are you tired of sending messages to college coaches and not getting any responses? Look no further because I’ve got the ultimate guide for you on how to message college coaches so they respond every time, guaranteed.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing a comprehensive five-step process that will help you not only get coaches to respond but also build strong relationships with them and increase your chances of receiving that coveted athletic scholarship.

Step 1: Always Respond

The first step in the process is to always respond to any message you receive from a college coach. Even if you are just starting out and haven’t received any offers yet, responding to every message shows your interest and willingness to engage in the recruiting process.

Step 2: Use Phone Calls and Videos

When responding to coaches, make sure to go the extra mile by using phone calls or even creating a video message. Personalized communication like this shows your dedication and sincerity in building a relationship with the coach, rather than just sending a generic email response.

Step 3: Follow Up Effectively

If a coach doesn’t answer your initial call, don’t give up. Leave a voicemail and make sure to follow up consistently. Sending a video message can also be a powerful way to grab their attention and get them to respond to you.

Step 4: Always Follow Up

One of the biggest mistakes student-athletes make is not following up with coaches after the initial outreach. Keeping track of your communications and following up consistently can significantly increase your chances of getting a response from coaches.

Step 5: Reach Out to More Schools

Once you receive interest from one school, don’t stop there. Reach out to other schools in the same conference and let them know about the interest you’ve received. This can create a sense of urgency and competition among coaches, increasing your chances of getting noticed.

Now that you have the proven five-step process to effectively message college coaches, go out there and start building those relationships that will lead you to your dream college athletic scholarship. Remember, persistence and personalized communication are key in this competitive recruiting process.