How To Measure Your Sales Managers Performance

In this video, I share the strategy and how we use it with a few clients to grade sales managers.

It is a simple but powerful strategy to not only grade but also measure your sales managers performance that keeps them focused on developing all their reps.

It’s one overall easy to understand data point that keeps managers focused on constantly developing their reps regardless of the overall percentage of goal.

It is easy to forget about the reps not performing when you are hitting goal.

But you can agree, hitting goal isn’t enough.

Helping every rep hit goal is 🙂

Video Transcript:

If you have a team of sales managers who have sales reps with large gaps between the reps that are hitting goal and the reps that aren’t hitting goal and you wan’t to find an easy way to measure the success of your sales leadership or sales management team, this video is going to be be awesome for you.

My name is Richie Contartesi with next play.

GPA Model

I’m gonna share with you a strategy that we call the GPA we use with a few different clients that you can use to be able to measure your sales managers performance effectively and have one measurement one KPI that you can consistently use to look across the board and it will also give your sales managers a very strong laser focus.

What this will do is it’ll keep your sales managers focused on the bottom percent and helping improve them.

We call this the GPA model just like you would in school.

And so in school, if you have a D or you have an F you’re in trouble, your GPA is going to tank and same thing with your sales managers.

If they have D’s F’s and even C sales reps, then their GPA is going to tank.

So it’s really simple, but I’m gonna walk you through it.

GPA Example

So let’s say you have three sales managers and each of them has 5 sales reps. 

You’re going to look at these five reps and see what percentage of goal they’re at.

So let’s say this sales manager has five reps and he’s at 60% of goal, 93% of goal, 84%, a goal, 50% a goal and lets say 45% a goal.

Let’s say manager two has 92%, 98%, 105%, 20% and 30%.

So this would be considered a D.

So anything below a sixty is an F, 60 to 70 is a D. A 93% would be an, A, 70-80% would be a, B, and anything below 60% would be an F.

And then you would go ahead and you would just take the average.

So if you have 4 A’s and two F’s, this would be 12. And then you would divide it by five and that’s how you would get your GPA.

What this does is it gets your sales managers to always, of course you want to continue to improve your top sales reps.

If they have an F on their team, if they have D’S and F’s, it’s gonna destroy their GPA.

Measure Your Sales Managers Performance

If you were to measure your sales managers performance across the board, this is a simple way where you have one KPI and you could see how their entire team is doing and keep the sales managers focus on the bottom reps.

Versus only the top reps, because that’s important, right?

You still want to keep, continue to improve the top reps, but if we can keep their focus on also making sure that their bottom reps are not Fs and they’re not D’s, what would this do for your business?

Would this make a big impact for you?


This is a model we use with a few of our clients and I hope that you can use it in your business to give your managers focus and to help them improve the lower percentage of sales reps who are DS CS and Fs, and to keep their focus, to improve them on a consistent basis.

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