If you want to earn a D1 football scholarship, it’s crucial to attract attention and get noticed by coaches.

This video explains how to get attention and consistently showcase your talent to potential college football coaches.

It focuses on effective strategies for daily posts in less than an hour per week, without worrying about annoying your followers or coaches.


Being a high school football player and aspiring to play college football requires you to be the center of attention. It’s essential to understand that you are buying attention, and it’s the most crucial aspect of getting noticed. In this blog post, we will explore effective strategies to grab the attention of college football coaches and increase your chances of getting recruited.

Creating Social Media Buzz:

One of the most powerful tools at your disposal is social media. By leveraging platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok, you can catapult yourself into the spotlight. Consistency is key, so make sure to post regularly and engage with your audience. While some players may choose to schedule their posts, daily updates worked best for me to avoid overwhelming my followers.

Embracing Attention:

It’s crucial to understand that attention is everything. Don’t worry about what others think or how they perceive you. By posting regularly and sharing your highlights, you attract attention. Some may criticize or provide negative feedback, but don’t let that discourage you. The more attention you generate, the better your chances of getting noticed by coaches. Remember, it’s all about getting attention, so embrace it and harness its power.

What to Post:

Inevitably, the question arises about what to post, especially if you don’t have new film every week. Firstly, gather all your highlights from previous games, including JV film if applicable. College coaches want to see your progression over time, so it’s essential to showcase your development. Don’t label it as JV footage; instead, present it as “Sophomore Film.” This way, coaches can witness your growth and improvement.

Besides game highlights, there are various other content ideas you can share. Consider filming your practice sessions, workout routines, and gym sessions. Showcasing your dedication and hard work will impress coaches. Record short 30-second clips of different drills and exercises to provide a comprehensive view of your training schedule.

Additionally, take advantage of the moments after training when your endorphins are running high. Grab your phone and record a short video discussing how you feel and describing the progress you’re making. Coaches appreciate seeing this personal side of athletes. These videos, combined with your highlights and other posts, allow coaches to get to know you better.

Utilize Reposts:

When it comes to highlights, don’t worry about running out of content. If you have an extensive collection, you can repost one video per week, extending your content’s lifespan. This strategy ensures that your best moments continue to captivate coaches throughout the year. So don’t hesitate to showcase your skills repeatedly.


To get noticed by college football coaches, it’s crucial to become the center of attention. Use social media platforms to your advantage, creating a buzz around your skills and abilities. Embrace the attention and disregard any negative feedback. Post regularly, including highlights, practice sessions, workout videos, and personal insights. Remember, attention is key. By following these strategies, you will increase your chances of standing out and earning that coveted opportunity to play college football.