Get Your Way in Sales and in Life.

Inspired by Grant Cardone’s bestseller: Sell or Be Sold, Richie shares the 7 key principles that he has learned and has been using in his personal life and as a sales professional. In addition, he also firmly believes that in every interaction that you make, you’re either selling or being sold. Whoa. Does that mean that talking to your parents, colleagues, friends or child count as a sales transaction, too? Ultimately, YES. Every single time we open our mouth to talk to someone, we are either selling ourselves so they’d like us (and make them obey us), or we are being sold, thus we’re the ones who’d do what they want. So whether you see yourself as a businessman or as something else, this is something that you will definitely benefit from.

Principle 1: You Have to Sell Yourself First

It’s simple. You cannot be an effective salesman if you do not believe in your own product. Believe in yourself, work on your craft, the rest will follow.

Principle 2: Get Out of the Sales Business and In to the People Business

Sales is about money. No. It is one of the most incorrect yet, most common perception of the public when it comes to selling.  Effective sales is about relationships. It’s about people. It’s about caring.

Principle 3: You’ve Got to Always Agree with the Customer

The saying, “the customer is always right” won’t be used as much if it doesn’t ring any truth to it. Agree? Watch Richie’s latest podcast to learn more.


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