Richie breaks down the various types of walk-ons, the challenges they face, and shares 5 steps that athletes can follow to increase their chances of earning a scholarship. Whether you’re an aspiring athlete, in college, or a parent, this video provides invaluable insights on navigating the world of college football scholarships.

Walk-on football players often face unique challenges when it comes to earning scholarships. In this blog post, we will dive into the journey of a former walk-on player, Richie Connor Tessie, who defied the odds and earned a full-ride Division I football scholarship in the SEC. Through his experience, we will explore the different types of walk-ons, the likelihood of earning a scholarship, and a five-step system to pave your way to success.

Types of Walk-Ons: Preferred vs. Non-Preferred

Preferred walk-ons are those who secure a roster spot through communication with coaches, with the potential to earn a scholarship in the future. On the other hand, non-preferred walk-ons like Richie earned their spot through tryouts, facing tougher competition to make the team. Understanding these distinctions is crucial for aspiring walk-on players.

Earning a Scholarship: What It Takes

Earning a football scholarship as a walk-on player demands dedication, perseverance, and strategic planning. Factors like program needs, performance, position played, coach’s philosophy, and academics play a pivotal role in determining scholarship eligibility. Richie’s journey underscores the significant effort required to turn aspirations into reality.

The Five-Step System: P.R.I.D.E.

1. Physical Conditioning and Skill Development: Committing to relentless improvement on and off the field.
2. Relationships and Team Dynamics: Emphasizing coachability, teamwork, and positive relationships within the team.
3. Initiative and Dedication: Demonstrating unwavering dedication through consistent effort and continuous improvement.
4. Diligence in Athletics and Academics: Balancing athletic performance with academic excellence to stand out both on and off the field.
5. Express Ambitions and Advocate: Communicating your goals and values to coaches effectively to maximize opportunities for success.


Richie Contartesi’s story serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring walk-on football players. Through his perseverance, hard work, and strategic approach, he navigated the challenging path of earning a scholarship as a walk-on. Remember, with determination and the right mindset, the dream of securing a college football scholarship is within reach, even for walk-on players.