How to Stay Motivated in Sales and in Life.

Recently, Richie received an email from a follower asking him how he is able to stay motivated in sales despite the stress and uncertainty that it comes with. But like any normal person, Richie also has his down moments- when he doesn’t feel like doing even the things that he loves to do; when he feels uninspired or demotivated. However, experiences and failures taught him the hard way that these negative feelings should not control us. So he designed 7 ways that he follows to stay motivated in sales and in any other areas of his life- good days, bad days, or any other day!

The 7 Ways to Stay Motivated in Sales:

  1. Dominate the Game. 
  2. Goals. 
  3. Constant Action. 
  4. Grow Your Pipeline Everyday. 
  5. Provide Your Clients Value Content. 
  6. Overcome Your Fear. 
  7. Debrief. 

“Motivation should be consistent. It is something that needs to be done every single day.”

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